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In the fire-fighting sector, Gruppo Italica has acquired significant experience, gained on different types of systems in civil, industrial and naval contexts, which allows us to provide the customer with a total service for extinguishing, detection and Fire & Gas systems.


The continuous collaboration with leading companies in the field of fire prevention allows our technicians to constantly update on industry news and a full knowledge of current national and international regulations (UNI, NFPA, GOST, RINA, MCA CEI).


We are able to offer engineering design using different types of systems on the market and related equipment.


Extinguishing systems

- Water systems: Sprinkler, water spray and deluge

- Low pressure CO2 systems

- Systems with inert gases

- Noble gases with very low environmental impact

- Low, medium and high pressure foam systems

- Powder systems


Detection Systems

- Conventional and analogue detection systems for civil, industrial and naval systems

- Aspiration detection for environments with special needs

- Fire & Gas systems

- UV / IR flame detection and detection of explosive or toxic gases

- Design of intrinsically safe areas and classified areas (Eexd)

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