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When we talk about technological systems we refer to electrical, heating, air conditioning, sanitary and water systems, which have at least one electronic technological device inside them.


This is a very broad category of plants, which includes various industrial sectors. In fact, the definition of technological systems includes systems: water and sanitary, electrical, electronic and radio and television, for the use and distribution of gas, for the transport, distribution and use of electricity, air conditioning, heating, automation in general, regardless of the type of building in which they are located.


The technological systems are coordinated with each other and functionally interconnected, they cannot function separately.


They are structures that need to communicate with each other and therefore need a thorough design phase, because the entire system must be fluid, simplified, durable over time and capable of providing feedback with respect to individual operational functions.


To function effectively, they must be designed and built with the utmost attention to every detail. Design is certainly the fundamental starting point: it is from this that the other phases develop, specifically construction and maintenance of the plants. The optimization of all these phases can mark the difference between a poor product and a quality product.

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